Australian Olive Industry Survey: Highlights & Insights ~ Part 1

The Olive Centre gathered a range of data on the country’s olive oil sector from small, medium and large-scale companies in a survey that it conducted in 2016. This Industry Survey attracted participation from just over 70% of olive & olive oil producer companies (based on production) as well as other sectors of the Industry operating in 2016 in Australia.

Australian Olive Industry Survey: Table Oil Pricing Benchmark ~ Part 12

Producing Table Olives 42.1% of respondents are actively producing table olives and 5.5% are considering producing table olives. Farmgate prices Table Olives Bulk Farmgate prices Table Olives Prepackaged Farmgate prices Table Olives Fresh Fruit Knowing more about Table Olives Respondents stated they wanted to know more about: Curing processes including “Pickling” green olives Something appropriate…

Australian Olive Industry Survey: Olive Oil Pricing Benchmark ~ Part 11

Farmgate prices Olive Oil Bulk Farmgate prices Olive Oil Prepackaged 32.1% of respondents are obtaining a price of $25 or more per kg of branded olive oil. Farmgate prices Fresh Fruit 54.6% of respondents are able to obtain higher than $2-$4 per kg.