Here is a brief snapshot of the Australian Olive Industry;

The scientific name of olive, Olea europaea, is Latin for ‘oil from Europe’

Groves have been planted throughout Australia since the early 1800s, but a resurgence in olive grove development in the 1990s and 2000s, saw up to 10 million new trees planted. More about the History of Olives in Australia

Total Industry Value

The Australian olive industry was estimated to be worth $210 million in 2016.

Number of Producers

It comprises more than 1,500 olive growing operations

Number of Olive Trees

10 million olive trees. 90% of the olives in Australia are grown for the production of olive oil.

Source: Dr R Mailer, Researchgate 1

Bulk Oil Price

Bulk oil sales in Australia in 2020 are up to $7 per Litre for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This price is based on actual market sales of bulk EVOO as at 7th July 2020.

Australian Olive Oil Production

The Australian Olive Oil Association have also released and provided their official figures for Australian Olive Oil Production & comparisons:

2018 was characterised by significant shortage in the Australian market. In a normal year Boundary Bend claims to represent up to 65% of Australian Production, however, in 2018 this may be represented lower of up to 50%.

According to limited information available in the 2019 calendar year for Australian Olive Oil Production, Boundary Bend expected around 13.1M litres which a national production could be up to 17-19M Litres.

IOC & ABS statistics show the following comparisons of reported data.

Australian Olive Oil Production: *Annualised estimate based on the first 9 months to June.
Source AOOA and based on figures sourced from IOC, AOA, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes, ABS Statistics, BBL & Conga Foods

Location of Olive Groves in Australia

Tonnes of Olive Produced per annum

Figure as at 2016

Average age of Trees

Pest & Diseases in Australian Olive Groves

The top 3 pests are Scale, Olive Lace bug and Birds

Chart 0

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