Australian Olive Industry Survey: Table Oil Pricing Benchmark ~ Part 12

Producing Table Olives

42.1% of respondents are actively producing table olives and 5.5% are considering producing table olives.

Chart 0

Farmgate prices Table Olives Bulk

Farmgate prices Table Olives Prepackaged

Farmgate prices Table Olives Fresh Fruit

Knowing more about Table Olives

Respondents stated they wanted to know more about:

  • Curing processes including “Pickling” green olives
  • Something appropriate for my area in WA and conditions
  • All aspects
  • Can vacuum seal olives in marinade contain garlic
  • Small scale (100-500kg/hr) sorting equipment that is economically priced
  • Best methods and amount of water per tree with drip irrigation, weed control, improved yield, labor shortages and costs
  • Support on how to best prepare and manage a small table olive production system
  • This is a huge growth area for us. We learnt a lot at the last conference which answered all our concerns and we will apply to next year’s crop – after that year I am sure we will have more questions.
  • Yes MANZANILLO as they soften easily in brine unless green
  • Chemistry, reactions in barrels, ph and end targets to meet to get consistent quality.
  • buyers want perfect looking fruit which is very hard to achieve
  • Yes all of them from start to finish.
  • Best varieties for my area
  • I would like to know more ways of producing a variety of styles and flavours.
  • Continually finding out more about the preservation of table olives and the various packaging environments
  • Cause and effect of spoilage.Processing / Maturation
  • Best methods for producing fine table olives consistently
  • Recipes for producing table olives.

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