Australian Olive Industry Survey: Production ~ Part 8

Processing Operations

43% of Grove owners also process their own olives.  14.6% are seeking to expand or include a production facility.

Boundary Bend has a processing capacity of 98T/hr.

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Olive or Olive Oil Production

The majority of production (62.9%) is olive oil.

Other responses;

  • Value adding production sourced from other groves
  • Plant Nursery
  • The olives are a side line to cereal crops
  • Olive Oil exporter and promoter
  • We make EVOO, table olives and beauty products
  • Investor in processing
  • Trees have produced in the past, but not any more. If the issues in Q.36 were overcome, we would be producing both oil and fresh fruit.
  • Producer of olives, oil and provider of services to other producers

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75% of respondents have their own brand and do not sell their product wholesale.

36% only sell their product wholesale only.

Production cost of Australian olive oil

Costs of production varied from $3/L to $15/L.  The average of respondents is $6.12/L.

Almost 50% of respondents answered this question.

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