Australian Olive Industry Survey: About Respondents ~ Part 2


Almost 33% of the Industry is between 25 and 54 years of age whereas 64% of the Olive Industry is aged between 55 and 74.  

Males dominate the olive industry at around 74% and 26% are females. 


Over 88% of respondents are from Australia and there were also responses from New Zealand (3.6%), USA (2.7%) and other countries (5.5%).  Other countries included Spain, Turkey, Greece, France and Italy.  These responses have been omitted from the survey as we are focussing on Australia.Chart 0

Who are the respondents?

Over 75% of respondents are Olive Growers and Producers.   Respondents also indicated they are involved in the industry including Researchers, Industry Influencers, Government, Suppliers and more.

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