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Amanda Bailey

Amanda Bailey, CEO, The Olive Centre, CEO, Queensland Olive Council, Australian Representative, Women in Olive Oil, Australia

Amanda Bailey is an Industry Advocate & Leader who inspires and empowers Olive Growers, Producers, Consumers, Executive Chefs, and Media about the virtues of Olives and Olive Oil.  Amanda is also the founder of The Olive Centre and focuses on delivering equipment, machinery, and advice to thousands of producers predominantly throughout Australia, New Zealand, and other olive producing countries to help Olive Growers and Producers achieve the maximum from their grove resulting in efficiency & quality improvements. 

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Jeni Hannigan

Jeni Hannigan, Managing Director, Olive Industry Network

Jeni Hannigan is managing director the Olive Industry Network which is the leading independent specialist online business site for the Australian olive industry. The site provides a Directory of Growers, Producers, Processors, and Suppliers to the industry, and offers a Marketplace to buy and sell new and used equipment and machinery within Australia. Olive Industry Network is a source for current national and international news, agribusiness articles, and research & development within the olive industry worldwide. The site is a reference guide for consumers interested in sourcing and purchasing local producers of provincial olive oil and olive products within Australia. More at Olive Industry Network

Olive Industry Researchers

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Rafael Pleite Gutierrez
Founder Global Olive Consulting
Mr. Rafael Pleite Gutiérrez has a PhD in Biology from the University of Seville. He has conducted part of his PhD in CSIC in Seville, the world research center of reference in the field of table olive and olive oil industry.
Sevilla, Spain
Dr Richard Gawel
International Sensory Expert and Senior Researcher
Richard Gawel is a long-term appointee as head judge of over 70 national and international extra virgin olive oil competitions including the Australian National, and the Los Angeles and Tokyo Internationals. He is a leading sensory scientist at the AWRI.
Adelaide, Australia
Dr Rod Mailer
Oils Research Expert
Dr Rodney Mailer has researched olive oil quality and production throughout the development of Australia’s industry with a focus on quality control.  He has worked internationally to identify adulteration issues in commercial olive oils. With the help of the IOC he has worked to bring authenticity to EVOO.  He established, and, for many years supervised the Government “Australian Oils Research Laboratory” (AORL) in NSW.  Dr Mailer continues to work in developing standards for edible oils in his role as a Technical representative on the International Standards Organisation, Codex Alimentarius, and Standards Australia.
Sydney, Australia
Imene Trabelsi Trigui
Full Professor in Marketing, Tunisian Representative Women in Olive Oil Tunisia Imene Trabelsi Trigui is a Full Professor in Marketing and currently works as the Director of Marketing within the Marketing Research Laboratory at the Department of Management, University of Sfax, Tunisia.
Imene currently specialises in her research in the field of Olive Oil and Agrifood Marketing.
Sfax, Tunisia
Abdel-Rahman S.N. Tarawneh
Agricultural Engineer Plant Physiology & Plant Nutrition, Certified Trainer in Olive Oil Tasting, Advisor to International Olive Council Jordan
Abdel-Rahman Tarawneh currently works for the Ministry of Agriculture at Alkarak, Jordan as an Agricultural Engineer in Plant Physiology & Nutrition.
Alkarak, Jordan

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